• I give Mr. Schalk my strongest recommendation based on his knowledge, competency, listening skills and finally, taking on one of the biggest law firms in the State of New Jersey that was retained by these defendants and successfully achieving a favorable outcome.

    “I can’t help you because your son “admitted” “was the constant response from law firms as I sought legal help for my son who was unlawfully removed from the New Jersey Dental School only months before graduation. A rogue Oral Surgery Professor falsely accused my son of ignoring his Instructor (despite giving him a grade of “A” in his Department) and requested to a rogue Dean a disciplinary hearing which she granted to determine his punishment. Upon receiving the hearing notification, we responded by reaching out to the Dean to apologize assuming it was acceptable to her. Our apology was even reviewed by her attorney who corrected and expanded it and was read at the hearing At this “hearing” my son was asked by the Chairman to respond “yes” or “no” whether he “takes responsibility” to a series of charges such as “You failed to record conversations by telephone with your patient in the patient’s chart.” His response of “yes” to taking “responsibility” to his charges, said the Chairman meant he was “admitting” he violated School policy.

    I was willing to risk my life savings to help my son and had given up hope after spending months and months seeking a law firm willing to take our case. So it was at the last minute at the very end of this search, we had arranged a 2:00 P.M. meeting with a Morristown, N.J. law firm specializing in education law. The meeting ended badly and was told because our son had “admitted” in a hearing body it was an obstacle they couldn’t overcome and there was little chance of success. Incredibly, the previous day we had contacted the Mauro, Savo law firm if they would be interested in reviewing documents concerning a top dental student at the New Jersey Dental School being expelled and was told “yes.” It was on the way to Morristown that we passed through Somerville, N.J. and dropped off those documents expecting rejection. Incredibly, while we stopped for coffee on the way back in the depths of despair and lamenting our fate and telling my son it was over, that my cell phone rang and I heard the words “Mr. Schalk would like to see you.”

    Mr. Schalk was able to recognize the injustice done to my son and took on our case where so many other law firms rejected us. Why did he accept us? It was the higher moral imperative that I believe convinced him.. His outstanding professional skills at trial resulted in the biggest student verdict in the U.S. against the individual Deans and accusing Professors. For example, at trial he achieved a Perry Mason moment when he overcame a Court obstacle that we couldn’t initially argue that the Dean lets cheaters graduate. This was a product of his effective cross examination of defendants as well as his listening skills.

    Finally, the emotional toll of engaging a law firm and filing a lawsuit was enormous on our family. Mr. Schalk treated our family and our son with compassion. That is, we were more than just a client to him. His compassion for Jason was a source of comfort.


    ~Stephen V.
  • Attorney O’Grodnick has tried over 450 landlord-tenant evictions and over 100 civil litigation matters for my company and he has won nearly every single case. The professionalism and sound advice separates Savo Schalk from many other firms, which is why Savo Schalk has served as our lawyers for over 35 years.

  • After being refused for over seven years, my request for an handicap ramp was finally allowed by my homestead association. Not before I contacted Charles Z. Schalk, Esq., knowing of his backround and after submitting many plans, my plan was accepted and completed in a few short weeks. Each day I wheel down the ramp I think of the indebtedness I have for attorney Charles Z. Schalk, Esq’s knowledge of the law. Thank You