Serious Results in Serious Cases

Million Dollar Litigators:
Serious Results in Serious Cases

At Savo, Schalk, Corsini, Warner, Gillespie, O’Grodnick & Fisher, we are proud of the results that we have obtained for our clients. The following are examples of the verdicts and settlements that we have recently obtained on behalf of our clients:

Savo Schalk Obtains Approvals for 126 Unit Residential Project in Hillsborough.

Partner, Michael P. O’Grodnick, obtained Hillsborough Township Planning Board Preliminary and Final Site Plan Approval with Bulk Variances and Waivers necessary to construct a multi-family residential development of 126 dwelling units consisting of nine (9) buildings, including 36 affordable units. This approval represents five (5) years of working with the municipality to fulfill their affordable housing requirements for a high-end apartment rental development on Amwell Road in Hillsborough.  Savo Schalk represents both municipalities for COAH compliance and private developers in land use applications across Central Jersey and is one of the leading land use firms in Somerset County.

Savo Schalk Partner Obtains Approvals for One of the Largest Self-Storage Facilities on the East Coast in Branchburg

Irv Cyzner, of Cyzner Properties, a Green Brook-based company that owns properties throughout the state, hired Savo Schalk Law Firm to represent them in a lengthy Board of Adjustment application to come up with a unique solution to recycle a 40-year-old building on Route 22.

Savo Schalk Partner, Michael P. O’Grodnick, Esq., who represents Cyzner Properties, calls for the conversion of the 3421 Route 22 east building, which used to house Sun National Bank, to a “state-of-the-art” self-storage facility and was approved June 2019 by the township’s zoning board of adjustment. The building has been vacant for nearly three years.

Savo Schalk is well-know for representing all types of land use application throughout the State of New Jersey and especially in Somerset/Hunterdon/Warren and Middlesex Counties.  Savo Schalk also represents various land use boards throughout the State.

$2.5 Million Personal Injury Arbitration Award

On January 15, 2015, Charles Schalk obtained a $2.5 million arbitration award in a complex and unusual personal injury matter in Mercer County.

$8 Million Saved In Brain Injury Defense

Highly successful defense in brain injury matter. Through the experience and persistence of our trial attorneys, our firm saved the client over $8 million after a lengthy jury trial.

$20 Million Victory

On June 25, 2019, after four years of litigation and a trial that spanned eleven trial days from February to May, Essex County Chancery Division Judge Jodi Lee Alper issued a fully favorable verdict in favor of our clients, the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church in Newark. In this highly contentious and unique litigation involving several centuries of church history, a Royal Charter from King George II in 1753, and a $20 million property adjacent to the Prudential Center in Newark, our clients and the congregation they serve were able to fend off outside Presbyterian entities interested in gaining control of this valuable property located in the heart of the business district in Newark. Hats off to the hearts of our clients in fighting the good fight and to the hard work from the employees of our firm in obtaining this most excellent result.The matter received the attention of the New Jersey Law Journal:

$950,000 Settlement

Savo, Schalk, Gillespie, O’Grodnick & Fisher represented the plaintiff in a $950,000 settlement for mechanic injured by defective tool. This case involved a severe hand injury from a product was defectively designed and lacked warnings that would have prevented the injury.

Close to $3 Million Settlement

Charles Schalk was lead counsel in this matter in which a matter was resolved for close to $3 million settlement for minority shareholders. This case involved minority shareholders who were oppressed by the majority shareholder.

Savo Schalk Partner Obtains Approvals for 188-Apartments in Hillsborough

HILLSBOROUGH – The apartment boom is continuing as the township planning board is hearing a proposal to build nearly 200 apartments on Route 206 just south of Bottle King.

The proposal, tentatively called Hillsborough Village Center, calls for 191 apartments in 13 buildings to be constructed on the 8.82-acre lot that will be created by combining the eight lots of the single-family homes on the highway, attorney Michael O’Grodnick told the planning board last week. The single-family homes, most in a state of disrepair, will be demolished.

Of the 191 apartments, 46 will be affordable and the remainder will be market-rate units. The plan is “consistent” with the township’s court-mandated agreement to meet its affordable housing quota, said O’Grodnick.

The Planning Board approved the application on May 2, 2019.

$2 Million Settlement

Our firm represented the plaintiff in a $2 million settlement for massive head trauma and multiple fractures. This case involved a passenger in an automobile accident. The driver had been drinking, lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. The injuries from the crash left the passenger permanently disabled.

Top Published Verdicts

Our law firm’s verdicts have been published by the New Jersey Law Journal as the top employment and civil verdicts in the State of New Jersey several years running.

$3 Million Verdict

Charles Schalk was lead counsel in this matter in which a more than three million dollar verdict was entered against a large corporation for an employee alleging violation of the Conscientious Employee Protection Act

$2.25 Million Student Verdict

Charles Schalk was lead counsel and was assisted by Michael O’Grodnick in this three-week long trial in which a $2.025 million jury verdict was entered by the Superior Court of New Jersey, Essex County for an expelled dental student at UMDNJ (Vladimer v. UMDNJ, et al). This case involved the #1 student expelled from dental school who accidentally nicked a patient during clinic of his junior year. The jury found 14th Amendment Constitutional violations and awarded the largest known student verdict in the United States after a three-week trial.

If you have any questions about any of these verdicts or settlements, or wish to discuss a legal matter of your own, please contact Savo, Schalk, Gillespie, O’Grodnick & Fisher at (908) 526-0707 or you may contact Charles Schalk directly at